mSpy App: Is it Safe? Review and Opinion, 2022

01 July, 2021

mSpy App for parental control – We analyzed the spy app mSpy. Market leader. What are their characteristics? Is it the best option for spying? Find out.


Is mSpy safe?

Guide children on the right path.

Keeping the elderly or vulnerable safe.

Checking the employees’ business telephone numbers.

Watch your partner.

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Monitoring mobile mspy

A spy app offers you so many possibilities.

All ethical?. Not.

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Companies that market spy apps like mSpy are not responsible by their bad use. Us neither.

Its main utility is focused on the youngest. In such a technological world where adolescents live by and for social networks, it is important that as a parent, you can have access to these types of tools in order to avoid possible cases of bullying.

There are many applications to control devices and do spying work. If you want to be sure of not being “caught”, mSpy is the best option due to its “invisibility”.

We will see it in detail.

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What is mSpy?

It is a spy software specialized in parental control. But also have other uses, as it can be spying on a partner, a friend or an employee.

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It can be used on mobile devices, tablets, computers …

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How does this spy app work?

This spy program is simple and intuitive.

The only essential requirement is that you have physical contact with the “spy victim” device.

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mSpy app

That is, if you decide to start monitoring your children’s messages, you need to access their mobile phone to complete the download process.

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You should also disable the antivirus and firewalls that you have on your mobile and check that the target device is compatible with mSpy.

Once the installation is complete, you will have access to a control panel with these five sections.

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mspy spy program

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General features

It includes the following functions:

  • Contacts.
  • Text messages.
  • Calls
  • Events (calendar).
  • Photos and videos.
  • Wi-Fi networks you have connected to (can be blocked).
  • Keyword tracking.
  • Key logger.

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Options related to device location:

  • GPS location (can be seen in the list or on the map).
  • Geo-fencing (the app warns if the person goes outside the perimeter).

Social Networks

MSpy offers functions for the main social networks:

  • WhatsApp.
  • Telegram.
  • Facebook.
  • Tinder.
  • Skype.

Internet use

You will also have at your disposal additional options related to the use of the internet.

You will be able to see the browsing history and the email of the person being spied on.

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In this section you can block calls, WIFI, websites and applications.

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mSpy compatibility

Unlike other spy apps, mSpy is compatible with many more devices than the rest of its competitors.

It works perfectly on Android.

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Can the application be installed on iOS?

Depending on the device and jailbreaks, you may have problems.

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Therefore, mSpy offers an alternative to installation on the device for IPhone users. You can control from your ICloud account.

mSpy features in detail


It is his greatest virtue. mSpy leaves no trace. The victim will have no suspicions.

Keyword alert

If your child searches for one of the keywords you have added to the list, you will get an automatic notice.

Call blocking

With mSpy you can block phone numbers that you consider inconvenient without the spied person noticing.

Multiple devices

It can be used on various devices. The only problem is that they cannot be simultaneous. That is, you cannot have two people monitored at the same time.

mSpy allows you to change from one device to another as many times as you want

Keylogger System

The spy application allows to know each written key and thus get to discover the passwords, but… Is it necessary? Are you not violating (even more) the privacy of the person spied on?

Again, the use of this spy app is your responsibility.

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This mSpy feature allows you to create a secure perimeter. If the person is outside the established scope, you will automatically receive a notice to your control panel, and you will be able to know their location in real time.

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SOS button

Another very interesting function for parental control is the SOS button. It can only be used when the child knows that the phone is being monitored.

If the child believes he is in danger, he only has to press a button, immediately you will receive a notice to your control panel with his exact location.

mSpy iOS

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Customer Support

Support is paid. You can hire two alternatives.

  • High priority support line: 24 hours a day for $US 12.99 (includes multilanguage support and technology experts).
  • MAssitance support for $US46.99 (in addition to the above, it incorporates the hiring of experts to configure more advanced functions).

How to download and install mSpy?

Installation is very easy.

Get into the official website: https://www.mspy.com 

Press “buy now”. Create a username (name and password) and access the payment gateway.

Once you proceed with the payment, follow these five steps:

  1. Enter the information of the device you are going to spy: make and model.
  2. Prepare the mobile phone (you will receive a registration code that you must write down to validate the purchase).
  3. Go to Play Store> Menu button> Play Protect> Settings (gear)> Disable device to scan for security threats.
  4. Download mSpy (the website will give you a link to download it).
  5. Follow the installation steps.

Completed process.

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to choose whether the application icon will be active or not.

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Can you download mSpy for free?

No, mSpy is not free.

There are different rates depending on the frequency you want to hire.

MSpy usually launches offers. But, to get an idea, it ranges between these prices:

  • Between $US49 and $US59 for the monthly contract.
  • Between $US28 and $US38 per month if you hire a quarter.
  • Between $US11.99 and US15.99 per month if you hire a full year.

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MSpy is totally legal software. You need to have physical access to the device that you are going to spy on. Therefore, it is understood that you have the permission of the owner (usually the children).

By downloading mSpy you are assuming the possible illegality in case of inappropriate use. You will be the only one responsible before the law.

In other cases (couples or workers, for example), being of legal age, you will need their consent.

On the other hand, if you give a business phone to a worker and explain that the use of it will only be professional and that it will be controlled, you will have no problem.

In any case, if you have more questions and want to avoid legal problems, consult a lawyer.

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mSpy options

All users agree that mSpy is the best spy app on the market.

Its greatest quality, as we have already mentioned, is invisibility. Once installed, the user will not know that he is being monitored. In addition, two other points stand out:

  • 10 minutes. The time you need a stable connection to load all the content and collect all the information.
  • Confidence. You are leaving sensitive and confidential information in the hands of a company. In this sense, mSpy offers guarantees, the guarantee of being the number 1 spy application. Unlike other spy applications in which the spyware ends up being spied on (their account is hacked).

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Our opinion of this spy app

If you need to control your children and know what they think, what they do or what companies they hang out with, mSpy is the ideal spy program.

Although it is not perfect. If the call log is deleted within two minutes after it ends, it may not be traceable or retrievable.

However, mSpy stands out as the best option on the market for its discretion and security.

The purpose of using this software is not to invade people’s privacy, but to control your children to prevent them or the elderly to avoid accidents.

In the case of spying on a partner, morality comes into play.

mSpy is the best spy app on the market. Use it responsibly.

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