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How to spy on another Mobile Safely?

14 February, 2022

Spy on another mobile phone has its risks. Here, we show you how to spy on a cell phone without problems. 100% safe method. If you are looking for a completely reliable and effective mobile spy app, use mSpy.

¿Cómo Espiar un Móvil de Forma Segura?

How to spy on a mobile?

Track Android and iOS devices.

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Is it possible to spy on another mobile?

Yes. Today there are tools to do it safely.

Its main use is parental control, that is, control of children. Although, they are also useful for monitoring the steps of older people.

Protecting the most vulnerable is the objective of the spy applications that you will see below.

I’ll show you how to do it step by step, but first…

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Can spy on partner’s phone?

In this guide, you will see how to spy on someone else’s mobile.

But you must have their consent.

I am not responsible for any misuse you may make of this information. Nor will the company that provides the service be responsible, that is clear in its terms.

Some countries establish harsh penalties for spying on a partner’s cell phone.

The legal and moral section will fall on you.

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Best apps for spy on another mobile

The best mobile spy app: mSpy

My favorite tracker. For reliability. For security. And for its ease of use.

How to Spy on another Mobile Safely?

Start using mSpy

mSpy options

To spy on another mobile, trust in the best software. The mSpy app is a leader in the industry. With this application, you can remotely access the information of any mobile phone without touching it:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Location and routes by GPS.
  • Use of applications and social networks.
  • SMS sent, received or deleted.

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On any Android or iOS device.

The best thing about this app is that it is very accurate. It offers tracking data with an accuracy of between 10 and 15 meters. It also gives the location in real time through Google Maps.

mSpy stands out for another option. My favorite option: Geo-fencing.

With Geo-fencing, you can set a zone on the map. If the mobile phone leaves it, a notice will be automatically sent to your device.

As if that were not enough, you can also make use of what they call “Geo-close prohibited”. This consists of marking an area to which you do not want the device to go, if it does, a warning will immediately go off.

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What do you need to use mSpy?

You must have:

  • A PC to control the steps of the phone at all times. You just have to connect to the dashboard (Control Panel). Here you can see an example of how the mSpy dashboard works.
  • The mobile you want to track to install the mSpy app and control the device remotely.

To know more about mSpy, visit the following article: mSpy App: Is it Safe? Review and Opinion, 2021

Optionally, you can install the application of this program on your mobile phone.

This is recommended, since it allows you to use what is known as the “panic button”. If your child is at risk, just pressing the button will trigger the alarm on your cell phone.

How to install mSpy safely?

The mSpy app is paid (like the rest of the secure tracking apps), but it has a 7-day free trial.

  1. Open an account with the free trial.
  2. Download the mSpy app on the phone you want to monitor.
  3. Sign in with your account details.
  4. Grant the permissions requested by mSpy to be able to use the service remotely.
  5. Enter the dashboard through a PC and check that the trace is running correctly.
How to Spy on another Mobile

Alternative applications to mSpy


Available for Android and iOS. Installable via APK.

Spyzie is very similar to mSpy. It includes all the options to spy on a mobile without having access to it: calls, messages, GPS location…

Reliable and safe.

Their annual plan is cheap.


Very similar to the previous one for spy on another mobile phone.

Cocospy allows you to spy on a person’s cell phone in a comprehensive way. From your location and calls to the WhatsApp messages you have sent.

Its operation is like that of the previous ones. You must create an account in Cocospy, install the app on the device you want to track and monitor the steps through the dashboard provided by the company.

This program to track mobiles is reliable and relatively cheap by contracting the annual plan.


The last cell phone spy app that I recommend is FlexiSpy.

Its operation is very similar to that of the previous apps, although it has some extra functions that can help you:

  • Track Facebook, Snapchat and other messaging apps.
  • Record VoIP calls from services like Skype or LINE.
  • It allows activating the speaker and the camera remotely.
  • It works in stealt

All this together with the classic cell phone tracking options: GPS location, call and message control, alert service…

Be careful with free tracking apps

They promise to spy on any cell phone for free, but they are a scam. They inject malware into devices.

Remember before start to spy on another mobile.

Around cell phone tracking, there is a juicy market.

Spy on another mobile

There are many scammers who take advantage of mobile monitoring applications to introduce viruses.

Sometimes, whoever seeks to spy on a mobile ends up being spied on.

Do not fall in the trap. Use reliable programs like the ones I have shown you in this article.

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Is it possible to track a cell phone without touching it?

The above tools will serve you to track without leaving a trace. With them, you can check calls, messages, WhatsApps and location.

But to start them, you have to touch the device at least once.

It is necessary to configure the cell phone to grant permissions and allow the tracking to be carried out correctly.

So, is it impossible to track a cell phone without touching it?

No. It is not impossible.

You’ve seen it in police series. And it’s not science fiction. It can be tracked without touching, but it is a restricted option by law in most countries.

Use mSpy today

Mobile carriers and law enforcement can get phone positioning with some accuracy, including listening in on calls, but only with a warrant.

Be wary of any app that promises to track phones without touching them.

With this, it will be clear to you that spying on a mobile is possible under certain conditions.

Please use this information responsibly.

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