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eyeZy – How to see what my child is doing on his mobile?

15 June, 2022

Known eyeZy app. We tell you which app to use to review and know how to know what my children see on the mobile, without suspecting that you are spying on him with good intentions…


The dangers of the digital plane, an environment increasingly plagued by stalkers and scammers, have aroused a legitimate maternal and paternal concern, which, although it conflicts with the privacy of the little ones, is sometimes a necessary problem to prevent a bad elderly.

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Our children’s exposure to online content and threats leads us, as parents, to want to limit the risks.

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How to see what my son sees on his cell phone without him knowing with eyeZy?

To what your child sees on his cell phone, it is necessary to install a parental control app, such as eyeZy, software that allows access to videos, photos, messages and installed applications, without being discovered by them.

The use of a parental control app makes it possible to monitor social networks, SMS, emails, chats and other content found on your child’s device, all remotely and without raising suspicions.

Also, you can follow the location of your child in real time, among other multiple functions.

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Can I track my kids location with eyeZy app?

Among other features, the eyeZy app includes:

  • Keylogger – To see everything you type and touch, as well as alerts if you type the wrong type.
  • Access to text messages and chats from WhatsApp, KiK, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, LINE, Snapchat, Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.
  • See incoming and outgoing calls.
  • See all the contacts in your address book.
  • GPS in real time to discover where they are now and where they have been.
  • Review your events and other activities recorded in calendars.
  • Access to photos, videos and any other files saved on your cell phone.
  • Know their web habits, including what they search for, their favorite sites and where they browse.
  • Block Wi-Fi connection, apps and websites in just a few clicks.
  • Set up alerts to receive notifications if they enter or leave certain areas, if they write something controversial, if they search for something they shouldn’t, etc.
  • Know who they are calling, who called them, how long they are talking and when they spoke.
  • See what your child sees, without them knowing that you are using an app.

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How to register in eyeZy?

To use eyeZy, you just have to start a basic registration on its official website, create your account and then install the app on your child’s cell phone so that you can see all the content of their device from yours.

You only have to pay $1 dollar per day to be able to use all the functions of the application.

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How to install eyeZy app?

eyeZy offers 3 installation ways:

  • WiFi Sync – Access your child’s device just once, set everything up, and then it will sync with the app every time it’s connected to your WiFi network.
  • iCloud Sync – By knowing your child’s iCloud credentials, you can use iCloud sync. Create your account, enter the iCloud credentials in the Control Panel and use the 2FA code from your child’s device to verify them.
  • Jailbreak method – If your child has a jailbroken mobile, install eyeZy on the device and the synchronization will be done soon.

Can I access my child’s iPhone from my Android?


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Yes, it is possible to access your child’s iPhone from your Android.

You just have to pay a subscription, install eyeZy on your child’s iPhone, follow the steps provided and once everything is configured, you will be able to monitor the content of your iPhone from the Control Panel on your Android phone.

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There is another app to see what my child is doing on his mobile?

There are several parental control apps with a global reputation, but one of the most popular and effective ones is mSpy. We recommend you use it. Its installation is simple, it works similar to eyeZy and its price is cheap. Try it.

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