Hoverwatch: review and opinion

03 January, 2022

The hype has reached the world of app spy at the hands of Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch review

This software has triggered the interest of users in recent months.

What is so famous for? Is it as interesting as they say?

We have thoroughly analyzed the program to give you our opinion. With the positives and negatives. Speaking clear.

What is Hoverwatch?

It is a spy application that is responsible for intensively monitoring all the movements that a person makes with their phone. It is specialized in parental control.

Whether you have any suspicions or simply to prevent, the use of Hoverwatch will help you sleep peacefully at night. You will know everything your child does: who he talks to, where he goes, what he looks for on the internet …

In addition to being used for parental control, Hoverwatch can be used to monitor the employees of a company. There are even people who use it to investigate their partners if they suspect possible infidelities.

In the latter case, you must bear in mind that you are entering fully into the privacy of a person without their consent. Here, ethics play a fundamental role.

This spyware is invisible to the user of the tracked device. You will control all the movements without him knowing that he is “being spied on”. But there is more, we tell you all the details about the Hoverwatch spy app.

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Hoverwatch spy app review

How does this program work?

Very simple. Spying is done remotely from a control panel.

All you need is to have previously installed the Hoverwatch application (Sync Service) on the device to spy.

It has no more secret. Easy installation and monitoring.

To know more about Hoverwatch you can enter the support section of the website.

Hoverwatch in detail


The main feature of Hoverwatch is the so-called keylogger. What does it consist of? It is a tool that allows you to record the keys that are pressed on the device.

What is this for? Its main function is to discover passwords. Even if you have the device monitored, the passwords are not usually seen, since they always appear hidden behind asterisks. With the keylogger, you can view them.

It is also useful for tracking in browsers. You will be able to check the searches that are carried out in Google or the messages that are sent through different web pages.

GPS Phone tracking

Through the GPS of the mobile, you will be able to know the location of the person being spied on at all times.

What if the user deactivates the GPS and / or the Wi-Fi? Nothing happens, geolocation continues to work.

Thanks to the mobile telephony bases, you will continue to have the GSM location (Global System for Mobile communications). This feature is not always available in spy apps. Hoverwatch does offer it.

Hoverwatch opinion

Browsing history

If you have little time to control the movements of the device, you can access its history. That is, you can review all the websites that you have entered throughout the day.

In this way, you can get a clear idea of ​​what sites your child visits, what they are interested in and, most importantly, if they are appropriate for their age.


This stalkerware (as spy app is also known) includes the function of taking screenshots.

When you start downloading the application, you will have to configure what type of captures you want to take.

They may be:

  • Timed.
  • From web browsers.
  • From instant messages.
  • Of SMS and MMS.

Front camera

The Hoverwatch app also takes a front photo every time the screen is unlocked.

This function is useful to know exactly who is using the phone at all times.

SIM card replacement

If someone changes the SIM card of the controlled device, you will receive a notification warning of this novelty.

This function, along with the previous one (screenshot), helps in case of theft or loss of the phone.

You will be able to see the face of who has the phone the moment they try to unlock it.

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Snapchat control

Another interesting function of Hoverwatch is that it continuously records everything that is shared through this Snapchat (images, audios, videos …).

In this way, even if their publications disappear after a few hours, you will have a record of everything that has been uploaded during the day.

In short, you will have access to the complete Snapchat history even if it is no longer published.

Track your to-do list

This function has been gaining importance in recent years. It is becoming more and more common to write down all pending tasks on a virtual list or calendar.

Thanks to this spy app, you will have access to that information.

Compatibility of this spy app

Hoverwatch is compatible with Android, both on tablets and on most of its mobiles (from 4.0 to 7.X).

Regarding Windows, it is compatible with your computers, but not with phones that have this operating system.

In the case of iPhone or iPad, Hoverwatch cannot be used as they are not supported. Although it can be used on Mac computers.

How to download Hoverwatch?

The first thing you should do is go to the Hoverwatch website and register for free. You only need an email and a password.

Once registered, you need to have the device you want to monitor handy: the object of the espionage.

Before downloading the application on the phone to spy, go to Play Store> Menu> Play Protect> Settings and disable two functions:

  • Scan applications with Play Protect.
  • Improve the detection of harmful applications.

This is important to do so that the Hoverwatch spyware does not ask questions of the monitored device itself.

But beware. If they ask you the same for other applications, it is not recommended doing so because you would leave the phone unprotected.

Afterwards, you should download the Sync Service application.

Hoverwatch review

How to install Hoverwatch?

Once downloaded, you will get a screen with the application requirements that you have to accept to proceed with the monitoring correctly.

In addition, so that the monitored person does not suspect anything about the control on his phone, you have to deactivate:

  • The notifications of the application.
  • Battery optimization.

You almost have it.

Now it will ask you to enter the data with which you have registered (email and password) and to choose the activities you want to pursue: calls, location, SMS, gallery, applications, calendar …

It will also offer you additional options such as phone call recordings, chat messages or website history. You will have to mark all the ones you want to track.

And the last step for greater application protection: set a PIN. After 5 minutes of completing the installation, the information of the tracked device will appear in your Hoverwatch account.

Can you download Hoverwatch for free?

Registration on the web is free. But to use the application, there is no other choice but to pay.

There are several rates available depending on the number of devices you want to control and the duration of said control:

Personal Fee

Maximum number of devices: 1.


Profesional Fee

Maximum number of devices: 5.


Business Fee

Maximum number of devices: 25


  • 1 month: $149,95 (Buy Here)
  • 3 months: $299,95 (Buy Here)
  • 12 months: $499,95 (Buy Here)

Is it legal to use Hoverwatch?

The answer is a bit ambiguous. The use of the software is completely legal.

What is illegal is cyber espionage. This is a crime classified in the Penal code.

The condition for the use of this program to be legal is that you are the owner of the device that you are going to spy on. In the case of your children, there would be no problem because the phone will be in your name, and you will pay the bills.

In the case of employees, you must notify the employee that the device that you are going to deliver will be monitored.

Hoverwatch opinion

For and against Hoverwatch

La empresa de software Refog es la propietaria de esta aplicación, cuenta con una gran reputación en el sector tecnológico.

A su favor están los precios, muy asequibles en comparación con los de competidores como mSpy.

Otro punto favorable es que mientras que en mSpy no puedes tener monitorizados dos dispositivos al mismo tiempo, con Hoverwatch puedes comprar paquetes (Profesional o Business) para tener un máximo de cinco a veinticinco dispositivos controlados a la vez.

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Against? It is not compatible with phones with iOS operating systems.

Its experience and its competitive prices have made this spy app one of the most demanded by the market, hence its hype. More than 12 million devices have already installed it.

Our opinion of Hoverwatch

In value for money, it is the number one spy program.

Hoverwatch allows you to carry out parental control or in the business environment at a more than adjusted cost.

It has the backing of a leading company in the technology sector, which is one more incentive to choose it as a reference spy device.

We like the options, the ease of use, and the reasonable price.

The integration with iOS should work (incompatible at the time of this analysis).

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