How to see the SMS of another mobile?

09 February, 2022

Here’s how to see the SMS of another mobile… These days, it’s common for many people to want to view text messages from another cell phone. For example, to monitor the mobile activity of children, partners or employees.

Although there are many applications that claim to offer this service, it is important to keep in mind that not all of them are what they seem.

To ensure our kids don’t interact with the wrong people, monitoring their text messages can be key. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about viewing text messages from another cell phone.

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How to see the SMS of another mobile?

If you want to know how to see the text messages of another cell phone, the best alternative is to pay a few dollars for a spy app, such as the mSpy application, available for Android and iOS devices.

This tool is one of the most effective on the market to monitor the activity of a third-party mobile device.

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mSpy offers its users the possibility of spying on everything that happens on the device on which it has been installed.

From the calls and text messages received, through the activity in social networks and the multimedia files that are sent and received, to knowing the location of the phone in real time via GPS.

The application is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

How to see the SMS of another mobile?
How to see the SMS of another mobile? With mSpy, a multi-functional parental control app.

In order to use it, it is only necessary to meet two requirements:

  • Have access to the target mobile
  • Have an additional device from which you can monitor all the activity of the cell phone in question.

However, it is important to note that mSpy is not free to use. To access their services, it is necessary to purchase one of their subscription plans.

Its basic plan, which includes the possibility of seeing the text messages of another cell phone, as well as monitoring social networks, costs approximately 30 USD.

To get it, you need to register on the official website of the application.

After doing so, an email will be sent containing a special link from which it will be possible to download the program.

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The app must be downloaded and installed directly on the phone to be spied on. All the information and activity that occurs in it can be monitored from any other external device through a control panel.

mSpy provides a very reliable and efficient service to view another cell phone’s text messages.

mSpy functions to see the SMS of another mobile

mSpy allows remote monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages as well as deleted messages. All this can be seen from the control panel, once the app is installed.

On the other hand, it also serves to view the shared MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service – multimedia messaging service) to ensure that inappropriate photos are not being sent or received. However, this feature is only available on Android OS devices.


How to see the SMS of another mobile?

It is not recommended to download free apps to view text messages from another cell phone. It is advisable to go to certain spy apps from reliable providers, such as mSpy.

In case of using so-called free monitoring programs, it could be dangerous, especially for your device and your data.

How to see the SMS of another mobile?

Although free applications to view other cell phone text messages are quite popular today, the reality is that their use can lead to numerous risks.

Many mobile and technology experts warn that the effectiveness of free spy apps is often quite dubious, if not false.

Similarly, they comment that in most cases, their true purpose is to introduce advertisements or malicious files on the devices on which they are installed.

According to numerous investigations, applications to view text messages from another cell phone often request phone numbers and information regarding the operating systems used.

This data can be of great use to criminals who wish to program infectious files into the device or deliver invasive advertising.

It is advisable to investigate the application that you want to install to determine if it can actually be as efficient as to circumvent the different measures developed by recognized companies, which allocate millions of dollars to the security section.

For this reason, experts recommend refraining from using this type of program, since its operation may not be as effective as it seems and may be counterproductive. This is especially true for supposedly free apps.

For those who want to pay for mSpy services to view text messages from another cell phone, here is the link to its official page.


If you want to know how to see the text messages of another cell phone, the option to consider is a paid spy app. Why not download a free spy app? Due to the risks associated with this class of applications.

As in everything, the really efficient services usually charge something, since they have their own costs.

Do not give yourself away using a free app, because you could become a victim of espionage, data theft and other even worse problems.

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