How to spy on the competition in Google Ads? 6 great options

01 August, 2022

In this guide we provide you with some very effective tools to spy on the competition in Google Ads, the paid advertising platform created by Google, used all over the world to attract fast traffic to web businesses…

Spy on the competition in Google Ads

Investing in ads from Google Ads, a sponsored advertising service formerly called Google AdWords, is a very effective way to obtain a position in Google without setbacks.

With Googe Ads it is possible to position yourself immediately at the top of the search engine, below or above other competitors who also pay for Google ads.

However, keep in mind that when you stop paying you disappear from the results, unlike SEO and organic positioning.

Since many websites make use of Google Ads, for your ads to appear in a privileged place in Google, it is necessary to analyze the ads of your competitors.

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Why spy on the competition?

Competitor analysis is a fundamental practice in any traditional and digital marketing strategy.

For your website to recover, improve or continue to have traffic, hard and sustained work is required, trying to find ways to stand out from the rest among the search engine results.

Seeing what your competitors are doing allows you to target, in particular, your marketing and content strategy.

Spy on the competition in Google Ads serves to identify their strengths and weaknesses, with the purpose of achieving a competitive advantage over them.

The analysis of the competition helps to find inspiration in their strengths, see their mistakes in order to avoid them and not repeat them.

The inevitable Corporation pushes us to make better content than them and detect keyword opportunities not taken advantage of by your rivals.

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How to spy on the competition in Google Ads?

First of all, you need to identify who your Google Ads competitors are.

To see who is advertising on Google Ads in your field, simply search for a few keywords related to your products / services on Google.

In this way, you will see which advertisers-competitors appear.

Spy on the competition in Google Ads

But beware, this simple and free method of spying on the competition in Google Ads is not totally sufficient or realistic, since rivals usually configure the ads to be displayed at certain times and even days.

Also, since the search results are limited to the language of your browser and geographical location, you will probably not see competitors from other countries.

To spy on the competition in Google Ads from other countries, you must use some program that can offer you an IP of the country you want to investigate.

In addition to searching for your top keywords and seeing which other advertisers appear next to your ads, it’s suggested to look at which particular rivals are ranking high and how they put together their ad copy.

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Platforms to spy on the competition in Google Ads

Here are some of the best web tools available to spy on your competition on Google Ads:

Auction Insights in Google Ads

Google Ads tool that is used to see other websites that access the same Google ad auctions in terms of campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

On the other hand, this tool offers data on the performance of your ads compared to other advertisers.

In case you already have active Google Ads campaigns, you can get more detailed data with the Auction Insights report, such as:

  • Comparison with other advertisers, either for specific campaigns, ad groups or for your entire account.
  • Impression share.
  • Average ad position.
  • The device on which your competitors dominate.
  • Behavior of certain keywords.

To access this tool, click on any active ad campaign and then click on the ‘Auction Insights’ / ‘All’ tab.


One of the most comprehensive and powerful SEO auditing tools available today, Ahrefs provides an excellent platform for competitor analysis, which among many other things, allows detailed analysis of ad keywords.

At a quick glance, Ahrefs provides invaluable information on any domain entered, its parent pages, and the external links pointing to them.


Another SEO tool specialized in competitor analysis, including competitor traffic data and ad keywords used. Highly recommended.


Web service to identify competitors’ keywords, domains, ad text and spending on Google Ads.

In addition, KeywordSpy suggests combinations of keywords and ads that could be profitable for you.


Keyword monitoring platform, which allows you to know how much competitors spend on PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

It is also used to enter competitor domains and identify keywords with better organic performance and in Google Ads ad campaigns.

Spy on competition in Google Ads

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Similar Web

Web tool that allows you to know the monthly traffic of the competition and from which geographical area the majority of visitors come.

After entering your website on the platform, you can discover the main competitors, as well as potential or emerging competitors, the list of the main organic keywords, etc.


Ideal web platform to explore the best paid keywords of the competition, the monthly cost and the CPC (cost per click).

It is a good input to know what the competitors spend, with which you can decide which keywords to invest in.

Conclusions for spy on the competition in Google Ads

First, Google search terms related to your products and services in order to see the ads of your competitors.

Secondly, use the 7 tools mentioned above to detect the keywords used by your competitors in their ads, their expenses and how profitable their campaigns are.

In this way, you can discover opportunities to improve your Google Ads ad campaigns.

Once you have identified your competition in Google Ads, the quality of their ad campaigns and the keywords used, it is time to outline your ad strategy.

To design an effective Google Ads strategy, it helps to find the answers to these basic questions:

  • Who are your ad competitors in Google Ads
  • How much are they paying in ads
  • How much traffic do they receive?
  • What are your main keywords
  • How is the format and text of your ads

Keep in mind that just as you can find a lot of information about your competitors, they can also explore very valuable data about your business online.

If you want to read more information about it, we recommend this article by Online Marketing Gurus.

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