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How to record a mobile phone call? – 3 Tips

13 January, 2022

Next, we are going to detail how to record a mobile phone call, and its different possibilities. Learn how to record calls on Android, which applications are useful, and much more.

How to record a mobile phone call

Can I record a mobile phone call?

Yes, and believe it or not, thanks to a tool that is incorporated with all mobile devices. That is, you may have a way to record a call without apps.

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However, if you want additional functions, we can also recommend some special applications.

It is important to note that if your goal is to record someone else’s mobile phone call, their consent is required. The exception would be in the case of underage children.

In that case, we recommend using the mSpy spy app. Like other applications of this type, it does not record the call, but you can save data such as the name, number, time and duration of calls.

In this way, the privacy of the child is preserved, and effective monitoring is carried out.

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How to record a mobile phone call for free?

There are applications to record a mobile phone call, but they can involve a cost that some users are not willing to pay. So we decided to explain how to record a call without apps and for free.

How to record a mobile phone calls with no apps?

How to record a mobile phone call on iPhone?

  1. For this procedure, you will need some other device that can record audio. It could be a computer or another cell phone, it doesn’t matter.
  2. When you receive or make the call, place it on the speaker so that the audio can be heard. The downside is that anyone can hear the conversation.
  3. Press the record button on the additional device and place your iPhone close to the microphone.
  4. The recording ends when the call ends.

This is the easiest way to record iPhone calls, as the apps are always paid or free to try.

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How to record a mobile phone call on Android?

  1. It’s much easier to record a call without Android apps, because the Phone app already has a built-in recorder.
  2. When making or receiving a call, press the “Rec” or “Record” button.
  3. The entire conversation will be recorded, and you can listen to it again in the Phone application in the call recording option.
  4. Keep the recording in a safe place in case you want to use it later, to avoid erasure.

It is worth noting that it is possible to stop the recording at any time, but that it cannot be activated if the call is on hold. Mobile conference calls cannot be recorded either.

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How to record a call with applications?

Both iOS users and Android phone owners who want an in-app alternative can install an app specifically for that feature.

How to record a mobile phone call
Call Recorder can automatically record conversations with specific contacts.

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Call Recorder – Android

At the moment, it is only available for Android, Call Recorder is an application that divides opinions. Some consider it great, while others find errors in its use.

Call Recorder allows:

  • Record all: all calls made or received on the cell phone are saved, except for specific contacts.
  • Ignore all: does not record any calls except some contacts.
  • Ignore contacts: block all calls from people other than those selected.

It has manual integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, which makes it easy to store call recordings. If you buy the paid version of this app, conversations can be saved to the cloud automatically.

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ACR call recorder for iOS

This application for iPhone and other iOS devices allows you to record live phone calls, both with free and paid versions. The duration of the calls is not limited, and the listener can play the recording after the conversation is finished.

There’s not much more to say about him, just that he keeps his promises. The possible formats for them are * aiff and * wav. Download it from the App Store.

Now, you can record a mobile phone call on iPhone.

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How to record a mobile phone call

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TapeACall – Android and iOS

TapeACall is another simple app used by anyone looking to record a cell phone call with an app.

It promises completely unlimited good recordings of any length, plus:

  • Text transcription of the conversation, automatically.
  • Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive support.
  • Send your recordings by email.
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter and by SMS.

This app is also frequently updated and even informs you about local laws regarding audio recordings.

However, it is not free and will require a monthly or annual subscription.

Download TapeACall to professionally record a cell phone call from the Play Store or App Store.

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Yes, conversations between you and another person can be recorded and even used as evidence if they become part of a lawsuit.

What cannot happen is an invasion of the privacy of others, such as recording a call between a third party.

Therefore, these applications or even the native Android function can be used without difficulties or concerns.

However, if your intention is to closely monitor your underage child’s cell phone use, we again recommend mSpy.

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