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How to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number?

22 November, 2022

Learn how to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number, quickly and for free. Spy applications can be found in different formats with the supposed premise of entering remote services or even circumventing systems with the intention of invading and accessing content.

¿Cómo espiar WhatsApp solo con el número?

Currently, WhatsApp has become the main tool for instant conversations, whether they are private or for professional purposes.

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp nowadays, right? With that, the law had to adapt as well as social-technological life.

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WhatsApp: one of the largest messaging applications in the world

WhatsApp is the most used social application by people around the world to communicate with colleagues, family and friends.

It is a convenient way to communicate with several groups of people simultaneously without worrying about operator charges, plus the option of calls and video calls has become more attractive to use the App.

Due to its massive use, the app has become a major target for spy apps. Or invaders.

So, It’s useful to know how to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number of the device.

Shall we talk a bit about it?

Why spy on WhatsApp knowing only the number?

If you, the user, have the real intention to hack or access a WhatsApp number, the Internet has various possibilities and promises whose purpose is to hack the messenger conversations.

The so-called “Spy Apps” are applications developed with the function of monitoring the activity of third parties (messengers) in communication applications, mainly WhatsApp.

How to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number?

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Spy Apps or Spy Methods?

By having the goal defined, the user must understand the dangers of being in a corrupted world of viruses and spyware.

Therefore, great care should be taken before any download. These types of apps, in some cases, violate the laws and the right to privacy, despite this, they are among the most sought after, for various reasons.

Where to find this type of Apps?

On platforms and download stores.

There are companies specialized in this type of services and websites that suggest success in their platforms and software. Remember to be cautious.

How to know which application to use?

In the various pages that contain content on technology and virtual stores, various and efficient options are offered.

These are some of the forms and applications used:

  • Divi cell phone spy;
  • Aditama;
  • Pegasus;
  • mSpy;
  • Methods using verified browsers;
  • duplication software.
  • 2Accounts and Parallel Space;
  • eyeZy.

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How to use duplication methods?

To use mirroring on your cell phone, follow the instructions.

  • You must allow location, voice, and other data collection permissions in apps.
  • Therefore, it is your responsibility to continue with the installation instructions.
  • Install the mirroring app on your cell phone;
  • Release the permissions to use these apps. This authorization is at your own risk;
  • On the home screen, tap “Start”;
  • Wait until the tool identifies compatible apps;
  • Tap on the WhatsApp icon and then “Add to Parallel Space – if this app”;
  • A WhatsApp button will be added. touch it;
  • Follow the registration instructions with your second WhatsApp number.

Like Dual Messenger and Dual Apps, third-party apps can be used to clone any compatible app, not just WhatsApp.

Can you spy on WhatsApp knowing only the number for free?

Yes, through the Apps discussed in this article and methods that can facilitate access to WhatsApp conversations, especially when we talk about children.

However, you will find limitations in all the methods that are free, except for the launch methods, which install launch programs on third-party computers.

However, this method is not always secure.

Methods to spy on WhatsApp

There are several reasons for wanting to spy on someone’s cell phone. They are parents who want to protect their children, evidence that they are being betrayed or that someone may be harming them in something.

When you can’t use the app, there are methods that do the same job as spy apps.

In addition to mirroring and mirroring files (a kind of mobile phone cloning), there are also spy apps and executor files.

Advantages of spying methods, use of spy files:

There are thousands of spy apps on the market.

Some spy apps stand out due to the large number of functions and the wide variety of applications that it can monitor at the same time. We can mention mSpy.

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Advantages of this type of applications for those who want to hack:

  • The application remains 100% invisible (the vast majority offer this type of advantage);
  • Get access to all the images, videos and files exchanged in any application;
  • Access to all installed applications, including new updates;
  • The information comes quickly;
  • You have all the information in an incredible control panel from anywhere, from your cell phone or your computer (Control Panel).

Try mSpy now!

Hire a professional spy

There is no shortage of ads from people promising to access devices anywhere in the world without the need for login. Includes WhatsApp.

In addition to these people, companies that promise and claim to have the best technological devices that fit the needs of each user.

However, be careful, many require high payments in advance, do your research before making any decision.

Spying through open Wi-Fi networks

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, you can easily fall victim to malicious people.

You may end up being redirected to fake websites like Facebook and find out your login passwords.

To succeed in hacking wi-fi networks and consequently installing or hacking WhatsApp, “professional knowledge” is needed.

Using the method of hacking cell phone Midnight Raid

The “Midnight Ray” method – got its name due to the fact that its access is usually at midnight, when the user of the device is sleeping.

Basically, you send a message to another device, which installs spyware that steals all the information on the device.

There are several tutorials on this mechanism.

Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp knowing only the number?

So far this is not possible. With the security of devices, chips and telecommunications, it is not possible to perform this type of hack.

If there is any company, person or website that promises this type of procedure and charges for it, beware, this is a scam.


As we have seen, there are several techniques to spy on a cell phone or invade the WhatsApp communication network.

Some simpler, others more complex. Many of these techniques are already included in professional programs, including license purchases.

When using one of these methods, please be aware of the liability and that the use of some Applications requires acceptance of their terms and responsibilities.

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