How to Spy on Facebook? – Know your children’s activity online

24 August, 2021

Learn how to spy on Facebook and see someone else’s profile without having to log in. It is possible to access messages, exchanged photos and anything else that would otherwise be secret.

Como Espionar o Facebook

How to spy on Facebook profiles?

There are apps that allows you to spy on a person’s Facebook activity, without having to hack or get into the personal account.

They are spy apps such as mSpy, which monitor activity on various applications, websites and social media such as Facebook.

Therefore, the first step to spy on someone else’s Facebook is to buy a good spy app.

There are a wide variety of spy apps, so we will summarize the best software that especially allows you to spy on Facebook conversations and all the activity of the other person’s feed.

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What is the best app to spy on Facebook?

It is the objectives and needs of each user that determine the choice of an app to spy on Facebook.

In general, all the apps that we select and share with you below fulfill the main purpose.

It will then be the additional features of each app and its corresponding price that will define the choice.

How to spy on Facebook

mSpy – Facebook spy app

For parents more concerned about their children’s activity on social media, they can use mSpy to spy on Facebook conversations and other apps.

Its special features include:

  • Spy on Facebook Messenger online and view sent and received messages.
  • View deleted messages.
  • Monitoring of many other applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp.
  • GPS tracking, typing and browsing history.
  • Available for Android and iPhone with jailbreak.

The possibilities of this application go far beyond spying on messages, videos and photos sent on Facebook. And all this without having to touch children’s cell phones. Want to know more? Get mSpy.

Facebook spy app
Watch the apps that you can access with mSpy

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XNSpy: read other people’s conversations on Messenger

If you are looking to keep track of what your company employees or their children are doing on their respective devices, XNSpy may be the perfect solution for you.

It offers the same functionality as mSpy and even allows you to capture live screens or lock devices at a specific time.

In other words, in addition to spying on Facebook Messenger online, it allows good control of devices remotely.

To buy XNspy, go to the official website here.

CocoSpy – How to spy on Facebook online?

With CocoSpy, it is also possible to spy on someone else’s FB (Facebook) without their knowledge. After installing the Facebook Messenger spy application, you can access:

  • All personal messages in individual and group conversations made on Facebook Messenger online.
  • Profile photos of the people your child or employee communicates with.
  • Information about shared photos, videos and sounds.

As with many Facebook spy apps, you will need to jailbreak or root for this particular feature.

To buy CocoSpy, visit the official website.

CocoSpy panel apps
CocoSpy panel example with mobile applications.

Other Facebook spy apps

You should know that there are many other spy apps that allow full monitoring of activities on Facebook.

As an example, we can name Spyera, KidsGuard Pro and FamiSafe.

Is there a free Facebook spy app?

It is very likely that those who come to this guide are looking for a free app to spy on Facebook conversations.

However, you should know that security has a cost.

Only a spy app with a monthly or annual charge can offer functions as complete as 24-hour monitoring capacity with instant responses, backup of deleted messages and other features.

Therefore, finding any free Facebook spyware option means taking considerable risks.

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Think about this for a moment, if the Facebook spy service is offered to you free of charge, the providers will have to make a profit in some other way.

A common way to generate income is through the sale of personal and highly sensitive user data.

In addition, there are risks of viruses, malware and insecure use of applications.

So if you can’t or don’t want to spend too much, go for the cheapest option, but don’t go for free versions of apps to spy on Facebook conversations. The result could be painful.

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How to use a Facebook spy app properly?

  • After choosing one of the best programs to spy on other people’s Facebook, you should buy a pack of your choice. Once the purchase is made, you will have full access to the panel.
  • With the link obtained in the purchase, install the application on the Android or iOS device that will be monitored. It may be necessary to root or jailbreak, respectively.
  • Once installed, the spy app will be hidden and the person who owns the device will not know of its existence.
  • All activity and device location will always be available on the dashboard, accessible after purchase. Just spy on Facebook messages and keep your subscription active.

Only in two situations is it possible to spy on someone else’s Facebook legally:

  • Monitor children to make sure they are safe and not attracted to anyone with dangerous interests.
  • Tracking of a company’s employees, as long as it applies to your company’s devices and not personal devices.

WARNING: Any other use is not authorized or recommended by spy apps, it could lead to legal problems.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to pay to get one of these apps?

The 24-hour monitoring of the activity is somewhat expensive, and it is not possible to offer this type of service to spy on Facebook for free.

Who can use this type of software?

Spy apps can be purchased and used by people over 18 years of age.

Can they be used to spying on a couple’s Facebook?

This would be considered an invasion of privacy. Do not use programs to spy on people out of curiosity or jealousy.

What to do if I have other questions after purchase?

All applications have 24-hour support offered via chat and phone.

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