Phone Tracker – 3 Ways to Track Cell Phones

25 November, 2021

Find out how to track cell phones using cutting-edge software, apps and tips. We reveal everything you need to know about your PC phone tracker, by IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) and more.

Phone tracker

What is a phone tracker?

A cell phone tracker allows you to know precisely where a mobile device is located and, therefore, the location of the person who has it.

Its applications are diverse and the uses range from tracking a stolen cell phone to knowing where your children are.

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Phone tracker
Use a cell phone tracker to find lost devices.

How does a phone tracker work?

There are different ways to track cell phones. For example, some people are looking for a way to track cell phones via IMEI, that unique number that identifies each device, while others try to download a spy app cell phone tracker.

To make things easier and make sure everyone finds the detection software they are looking for, we will review the options available, their pros and cons.

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What is the best phone tracker for PC?

Currently, cell phone trackers for PC and mobile devices are very effective and safe. Almost any reliable spy app is a good option.

As an example, we can mention XNSPY, which we will talk about later. Another great spy app is mSpy, a highly recommended option.

These applications, in addition to monitoring everything the person does, report the location and paths traveled by whoever is carrying the cell phone.

However, as promised, we will explore all possible options, so there is no doubt that this may be the solution for you.

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Is there a phone tracker by number of IMEI?

No, there is no cell phone tracker by IMEI. The IMEI number is very important for other functions, but it doesn’t allow you to track the cell phone.

Tracking with spy app

Currently, the safest way to track mobile devices is through spy apps. We even have a complete article with the best apps of this genre:

12 Spy Apps for Android and iOS

These apps allow you to see everything the other person is doing on their Android phone or iPhone. Including the messages of the application, social networks and the exchanged photos.

Mobile phone GPS tracker is one of these functions, and it is very good.

XNSPY is a very good option, since it does not require to root Android or jailbreak iPhone to access tracking.

If you are interested, you can go directly to see the application plans below:

Click here to sign up for XNSPY.

Keep in mind that for a paid mobile phone tracker, the features certainly outweigh the value.

However, remember that you can only spy on the cell phones of your underage children for their safety, or monitor company devices, but not with the personal cell phones of employees.

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Once installed on the target device, either Android (requires physical access to the device initially) or iOS (remotely via iCloud), the tracking it’s informed in real time to your XNSPY tracker from mobile to PC.

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Is there a phone tracker free?

Yes, there are reliable ways to track a cell phone for free, and they are safe, but also somewhat limited.

Anyway, the advice is just don’t risk downloading an Android APK file to use as a mobile phone tracker, also discard some unofficial app thinking that it can track phones by IMEI or number.

This is not possible, and you expose yourself to these applications stealing your data.

Free and safe options exist specifically for Samsung phones and Android devices in general.

Phone tracker by number
Know where to find the IMEI of your phone.

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Cell phone tracker by Google

Google is able to track all Android devices through Find My Device.

However, this solution is no longer valid if it is not activated before the cell phone is lost, stolen or taken by someone else.

It’s essential to activate the tracking option on the cell phone or device to make this option useful.

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Therefore, as soon as possible, follow these steps:

  1. Please enable “Find my device” in your device’s security settings.
  2. Open the official website of Find My Device, it will be your mobile phone tracker for PC, but it also works on other mobile phone browser.
  3. Please indicate the cell phone you want to track. The mobile phone will be notified, so if you are tracking someone with the cell phone, that person will know.
  4. A map will indicate the exact position of that cell phone based on GPS.

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Samsung Mobile Tracker

  1. As with other devices, you must first activate location on your phone. In the security settings, go to “Locate device remotely”.
  2. As long as the cell phone is linked to your Samsung account, you can use the company’s FindMyMobile cell phone tracker.
  3. Through the open map, you will be able to find the cell phone.

IOS Mobile Tracking for PC

As with Android devices, you can use the iOS mobile phone tracker for PC, which allows you to find your iPhone.

To do this, go to the iCloud website, use the device’s Apple ID and password, and find the location. Simple like that.

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What to do if the mobile phone tracker does not work?

In cases of stolen cell phone, or if the phone is switched off, it will not be possible to trace it.

Unfortunately, there are limitations in the technology, both prior permission is required per configuration, and per enabled location.

Therefore, if there is a risk that your cell phone has been stolen or is in the possession of a third party, it is possible to lock it permanently. For that, you need the IMEI.

Although there is no mobile phone tracker by IMEI, this number is extremely helpful in avoiding misuse of your lost device.

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How to get the IMEI?

Where to find the IMEI code:

  • In the cell phone box.
  • On the back of the cell phone battery.
  • Call the code * # 06 #
  • In the settings, under “About” and then “Status”.

With this number, the user can call the operator and request the total locking of the device.

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Conclusion about the phone tracker

As has become clear, it is possible to use a cell phone tracker to discover the location of a mobile device, even for free.

However, all the options require you to activate a security option in advance or install a spy app like XNSPY.

Click here to sign up for XNSPY.

In some cases, there is no other solution than to wait for it to appear again or for the IMEI to block it.

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