How to install XNSpy on Android and iOS?

03 August, 2021

Learn how to install XNSpy and create an account for Android or iOS and have full control of messages, calls and other mobile applications through a platform with online support.

Instalar XNspy

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What is XNSpy?

The XNSpy spy app, compatible for Android and iOS, is legal control software that can be used by parents to take care of their minor children and by employers in some specific cases.

Through this software, you can know everything that is done or seen on mobile phones.

It is a great option, in addition to having a very intuitive platform and allowing full access to all available functions and applications.

Both the purchase and the registration in XNSpy are very easy and fast. The same goes for its installation, which only requires 10 minutes.

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How to sign up in XNSpy?

  1. The first and most important step is to make sure you access the correct official link to sign up for XNSpy.
  2. Click “Buy Now”.
  3. Choose between the Basic or Premium version, there are differences between its functionalities, we will detail them below.
  4. Check the discount code for the XNSpy registration provided by our link, discounting a total of 40% of the total price.
  5. Click the box where it says “I have read and accepted” and then “Check it out.” All payments are protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate that protects the buyer’s data.
  6. Complete your information, which will be your registration in XNSpy, and include: Full name and address, Card payment option, Email address
  7. Click “Place Your Order” and your purchase is complete.

Basic or Premium? What’s the difference?

The following table compares the Basic and Premium options for XNSpy Android and iOS. Thus, you can make a better decision according to your needs:

FunctionXNSpy BásicaXNSpy Prima
Call History Yes Yes
Call recording (XNSpy Android)NoYes
Contact listNoYes
SMS sent and receivedYes Yes
WhatsApp conversationsNoYes
WhatsApp PhotosYes Yes
WhatsApp calls (Android)NoYes
WhatsApp messages without RootNoYes
IMessage Messages (XNSpy iOS)NoYes
Record by microphoneNoYes
Gmail accessYes Yes
Gmail contact list and wordsNoYes
Device contact listNoYes
Calendar of events and activitiesYes Yes
Apps ListYes Yes
App Lock (Android)Yes Yes
Device photos and videosYes Yes
Favorites and browsing historyYes Yes
Location historyYes Yes
Geographic restrictionNoYes
Keylogger (Android)NoYes
Wifi conectionsNoYes
Delete data(Android)NoYes

Lock remotely (Android)
SIM card change alertYes Yes
Web panel controlYes Yes
Free updates Yes Yes
100% indetectable (Android)Yes Yes

Consider whether the basic functions of XNSpy are useful to you. Also, it should be noted that many of the functions are restricted to XNSpy Android. For more features on iOS, we can recommend mSpy.

How to install XNSpy?

Once you register with XNSpy and ensure that your copy has been purchased, you must have physical access to the Android or iOS mobile device where XNSpy will be installed.

Install XNspy on Android

To correctly install XNSpy follow the instructions below.

Also pay attention to the following features:

XNSpy Android – Some functions, such as spying on the person’s WhatsApp, Facebook or Gmail, require to Root the observed Android device.

Download XNspy for Android here

Install XNspy on iOS

XNSpy iOS – For iPhone and iPad devices, you need to connect the device to a computer through iTunes. No need to jailbreak iOS if you have access to iCloud credentials.

Download XNspy for iOs here

Just follow the steps in the guide and use the login received when making the purchase. There are no secrets or difficulties as it is a quality spy app.

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install XNspy

Register or install XNSpy for free. It’s possible?

No, XNSpy for Android and iOS are only available with a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

Security comes at a cost. Being a service that demands resources for 24-hour monitoring, it is impossible to be secure to it without this type of charge.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from spy apps that promise you this kind of free monitoring. Otherwise, you will put your data and the data you monitor at risk.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to sign up for XNSpy?

To sign up for XNSpy, just enter the official link we offer here, choose the plan, have a credit card, and go to the device you want to spy on.

Is it legal to use XNSpy to spy?

Its use is considered legal to monitor underage children, or in the case of employees using company-owned devices at work.

Other uses may be subject to legal penalties.

Who can sign up for XNSpy?

Anyone over the age of 18 can register and maintain an XNSpy account for the uses described above.

Is there a free version?

No, but you can check the demo platform before purchasing the product. Try the Demo here.

Is there any support or support available?

All users now have specialized support 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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