How to Root Android? – In only 3 Steps

14 October, 2021

Quickly learn how to Root Android for mobile phones. Know what to do on your mobile to safely root the device. In just 3 steps, unlock your device to use spy apps.

How to Root android

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What is to root a mobile phone?

Many of you are looking for how to root Android without really knowing what that means. But pay attention, even to have greater security when unlocking, it is important to know the meaning of root.

This process allows you to act as the administrator of the mobile cellular system. That is, the highest-level permissions are obtained that allow, among other things:

  • Modify the Android processor clock.
  • Remove fixed Android apps.
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes to increase cell performance.
  • Update the phone to the old Android.

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Do I need to root Android to install spy apps?

You may have already noticed that you need to be rooted to have access to some app features that promise to spy on other cell phones.

In general, it is possible to use spy apps to monitor children without root on Android. This need usually arises when the intention is to hack and spy on WhatsApp or Telegram.

This means that the need to learn how to root Android depends on your goal with the installed application.

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How to Root Mobile Phone Safely?

Keep in mind that when you root your Android phone, you are exposing the device to greater risk.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a completely safe rooted phone, as an exploited security hole or virus could cause irreversible damage.

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What are the risks of rooting a mobile?

The main risk, even if it seems like a joke, is the owner of the device.

After all, by gaining administrator access, it is possible to delete essential files and make the device completely unusable.

Furthermore, a failure in the process can also render the cell phone useless.

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Keep in mind that rooting the phone also voids the right to the warranty, it will no longer be possible to send your Android to technical support within the coverage.

Automatic updates will also cease to exist, so you will need to update your phone manually.

Finally, also a cell phone virus that can infect your device can also access the same internal files. This, of course, can wreak havoc.

How to Root Android
Rooting your Android can open up possibilities, but it can also create risks.

How to Root Android?

First, we must make it clear that there is NO unique recipe to unlock Android root out of the box.

In fact, it is only possible to detail a generic process, since each device can have different characteristics and settings.

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader

The first step is to unlock your Android phone by launching the Bootloader. This already allows you to install a custom ROM (Android version).

So even before you start, back up your system and keep your files in a safe place.

To do this, go to the “System” settings and click on your cell phone version several times. This will make you a developer and the “Developer Options” will be available. There, activate the OEM unlock option.

Step 2: choose the root tool

In this step, the process becomes a bit complex. The user must define which root tool to use, and there is not just one or the most suitable one. Some examples are One Click Root and King Root, which we will use for this tutorial.

To install it, like any other unofficial application, it is necessary to download the corresponding APK. It can be downloaded from the official website.

Step 3: How to Root Android for Real

Open the installed application, in this case King Root, and after verification click “Test Root”. Believe it or not, that’s all you need to do to get root automatically. If there are any errors, you should seek help on the Internet.

Is it worth rooting Android?

If you need to have access to app features like mSPY that require root, then yes.

Use mSpy, a great and reliable spy app

Now, if it can be avoided better, since rooting Android can carry considerable risks, this is not a good practice.

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