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Keylogger for Android – 3 Invisible Monitoring Apps

31 January, 2022

Many parents find themselves with the difficult task of protecting their children from the dangers of the Internet and its scope. Knowing new terms and resources is one of the great difficulties when it comes to managing social networks and instant messaging apps. If you want to know what is a Keylogger for Android and its advantages, continue reading.

Keylogger for Android

What is a keylogger?

A keylogger is a tool that records absolutely everything that is typed on the mobile phone. What it does exactly is safe and order each of the things that have been written on a mobile.

It can be remotely installed and monitored with the help of invisible spy apps. The person does not know that he is being monitored, so in this way the messages sent can be secretly known.

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Why use an Android keylogger?

An Android keylogger can monitor everything that is typed on the phone or tablet.

This is a good way to monitor the browsing of younger children, who are often highly exposed to inappropriate content on the Internet.

Also, an Android keylogger can be useful for your own devices. If someone is using your cell phone for something you didn’t authorize, you’ll be able to find out, even if the person deletes it later.

Because of this monitoring possibility, you should take precautions if you suspect someone might be using a Keylogger on your Android.

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How to choose a keylogger for Android?

Keyloggers have been around for several years, they were widely used to spy on what was written to the owner’s email. However, its use posed risks, including becoming the person being spied on by third parties.

Nowadays, it is possible to use a keylogger for Android through very complete applications, in which the recording of what is typed is just one of its tools. mSpy is an excellent example of a reliable keylogger application.

Best keylogger for android

Some facts to help in your choice of an Android keylogger:

  • Ease of use: the experience of use should count a lot in your choice. A simple installation that does not require access to the device, for example, could be more interesting.
  • Language: Language support is also important, for example Android keylogger in Spanish or English.
  • Invisibility: No one wants an icon or notifications that a keylogger is installed on the device.
  • Other Features: It’s helpful to have an app that does much more than record what you type. mSpy, for example, is a keylogger for Android, which monitors all applications, including social networks.

What is the best keylogger for Android?

We have selected keylogger apps that can help you record what was typed safely and discreetly. Each of them has its particular characteristics, so we recommend analyzing it patiently.

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mSpy – Complete Spy App

mSpy is one of the most popular spy parental control apps in the world.

The built-in keylogger in this app records everything, and you can view the content directly on your computer or device, from a complete control panel.

Keylogger for Android

In addition, it monitors calls and SMS, reads messages from all apps, allows you to spy on Instagram Facebook, and even tracks location. For these reasons, it is often recommended for parental control.

As a point to note, it is possible to install it without rooting on Android, although it is necessary to have access to the device.

Know everything about mSpy

XNSpy: record all conversations

The XNSpy app is also easy to use, but it has a less intuitive platform than mSpy and lacks some features. For example, it is not yet possible to hack Messenger with it.

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On the other hand, it has a keylogger active 24 hours a day that shows all the messages sent in the applications.

Its biggest advantage, especially for those who are not looking for much more than the Keylogger and other basic functions, is its price, significantly lower than other similar spy apps. XNSpy costs much less than mSpy, for example.

xnspy Keylogger for Android
Example of using Keylogger for Android from the XNSpy spy app.

Try XNspy Features

KidsGuard Pro from ClevGuard

KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard is another spy app that lends itself to monitoring children so that parents can be more secure with their Internet use.

It is a very complete application that, in addition to the keylogger, has access to photos, messages, call logs and more.

Its price is a little higher than XNSpy, but it also allows the use of features not available in similar applications. For example, you can spy on Telegram and other messaging and social media apps.

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Get to know KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard for Android

Is there a free keylogger for Android?

Some Android keylogger apps are quite high-priced and some are more affordable, but remember that all of them have some cost. The price is very reasonable for the functions that they fulfill, since they are not limited to recording what is typed.

Still, there are those who search for free keyloggers for Android, and that search does not usually yield good results. As highlighted at the beginning of this article, there are keyloggers that can be used against the user, turning whoever they want to spy into spied on.

Therefore, a paid option can guarantee your security, especially since it is clear where the income of those who manage this software come from. But a free version needs to generate revenue in another way, which could include the sale of user data.

In conclusion

Considering that your main goal is really the keylogger and that you don’t mind wasting extra resources, we recommend XNSpy. Among all those available, it has the best annual plan:

Try XNSpy keylogger for Android.

However, for the monthly plans, which happen to be more expensive on a monthly basis than the yearly package, KidsGuard Pro offers more features for an even lower price:

Try KidsGuard Pro for Android.

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If what you want is to install the best spy app on the market, with a keylogger included and multiple other monitoring options, then the best option is mSpy.

Try mSpy for Android.

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