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Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software for PC

21 December, 2021

Today, you can know what are your employers do on the PC’s company. You be able to spy through a remote employee monitoring software and know what they are doing on PC.

Remote employee monitoring software

What are a remote employee monitoring software?

The different software for monitoring employee PCs are tools that allow the company owner or manager to have full control over what employees do on company computers.

Although they cannot be applied to personal computers, they allow effective surveillance in the work environment.

It is also important to mention that it is essential to use apps to monitor employee PCs that are safe and reliable, since otherwise you will be putting the entire network at risk.

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Remote employee monitoring software
Note that there are numerous functions and tools available in the programs to monitor employee PCs.

How do remote employee PC monitoring software work?

Most of the software to monitor employee PCs are usually very simple and friendly for the user, even with the most inexperienced.

As an employer, you have physical access to all company computers, so you will have no trouble installing the software.

Once installed, the software begin to collect data, multimedia, and even capture what is done and written on the monitored computers.

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Tools and resources

  • Keylogger A function that records everything that is written to the monitored PC, even if it is erased. This includes exchanged emails, chats, search engine searches, and instant messages. In other words, it is possible to spy on WhatsApp, even with its encryption.
  • Screenshot — Intermittent recording of what is open on the monitored employee’s computer screen.
  • Activity log — Description of the start and end of online sessions for staff and employees, including habits at that time.
  • Use of applications — It is possible to have statistics and images of the applications and programs used, all delivered in the program reports monitoring the PC of the employees. Find out about the time they spend on each application.
It is possible to monitor all employee activity, even on social networks.

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What is the best remote employee monitoring software to spy PCs?

Without a doubt, our reviews confirm with certainty that mSpy is not only among the best programs for monitoring employee PCs, but that it is the best currently.

The mSpy program stands out as one of the safest spy applications on the market today. It has technical support 24 hours a day, and it is also kept hidden on computers so that employees do not suspect its use.

Try mSpy here.

As mSpy has recently revived its desktop application, it is expected that more features will be added in the future.

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Most Windows systems are compatible with mSpy, such as: Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32 / x64, Windows 7 x32 / x64, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, while Mac computers i0S 10.6 up to the latest.

Remote employee monitoring software

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Employee PC monitoring software, is it legal?

Using employee PC monitoring software can be legal, just as misuse can be punishable by law. In short, it is possible to install the program and monitor all activity on the company’s computer, dedicated only to work.

In this way, the business owner can be sure that the company’s devices not used for side projects, browsing, and having fun on social media and other activities.

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This possibility also applies to the company’s mobile phones, which are also monitored by the mSpy software.

However, in the case of personal computer use, the employer cannot install any type of spyware.

Therefore, it is legal for you to use such programs, such as mSpy, on your own company’s computers. Thus, home office employees cannot be controlled in this way.

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We already know that employee PC monitoring programs can be applied to your company, but only on company computers. To do this, we rely on reliable, feature-rich programs like mSpy.

Try mSpy here.

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