How to get on Messenger without password?

09 December, 2021

Many people are researching how to get on Messenger of someone else’s from their own mobile. Some are looking for a passwordless method, others want any existing solution, but few know that a good spy app is enough. So how to get on Messenger without password?

How to hack messenger

Can you really get on Messenger without a password?

Yes, it is possible to get on someone else’s Messenger, or rather, have access to it and other applications or pages that the person spied on uses, without having to know and enter the password.

However, the techniques that effectively hack devices are not only illegal but also risky.

For example, someone could install a keylogger on a computer that would capture and keep all the passwords, but it would also leave the device vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

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However, instead of keystroke loggers or viruses, many are unaware that there are no such risky methods as messenger hacking.

Instead of hacking, we can think of the idea of ​​spying, that is, gaining access to applications without the person knowing.

How to get on Facebook Messenger?

Yes, using a spy app it is technically possible to get on someone’s Facebook Messenger without a password, having access to various resources, messages and media. For the example, we will use the spy application mSpy

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get on Messenger without password
Mspy is one of the best options to spy on Facebook Messenger.

How to get on Messenger with spy apps?

The first step will always be to acquire one of the appls that offer possibilities to spy on other mobile phones. In this case, using mSpy as an example, follow the guidelines below to spy on Facebook Messenger.

Start by registering on the official mSpy website and choosing one of the available plans. Everyone has the option to spy on someone else’s Messenger.

Messenger without password
Take a look at the different plans that mSpy offers.

Can Messenger be hacked for free?

Trying to find a shortcut or an app to hack Facebook Messenger for free is the worst decision you can make.

There is no (at least reliable) service of this type that is offered for free.

In other words, if there is any way to hack free Facebook Messenger other than with the installation of some malware, it is very likely that you will put your device and your goal at risk.

So consider if there is really a good reason to be looking at how to hack Messenger, and if so, we recommend that you go ahead with one of the mSpy plans.

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Settings to get on Messenger

After purchasing your monthly mSpy plan, you have already taken the first step to spy on someone else’s Messenger.

Through your computer or cell phone, it will be possible to receive all exchanged conversations and media from the mSpy dashboard.

Before, however, you must configure the spy application on the mobile that will be monitored.

For this, it is necessary to Root, if it is an Android device or Jailbreak, if it is an iOS.

If you don’t know how to do this, we teach you below:

How to Root on Android?

How to jailbreak iOS?

Yes, unfortunately, spying on Facebook Messenger requires one of these two procedures to be performed depending on the operating system.

mSpy and other spy apps allow spying without root or jailbreak, but not for that specific function.

Once the procedure is done, follow the instructions to install it on the destination cell phone and your access to Messenger will be complete, without the need for the password or having to pick up the cell phone again.

get on Messenger without password
Example of someone else’s Facebook Messenger contacts on your computer.

Is it allowed to spy on someone else’s Messenger?

Despite having a way to hack Messenger, this does not mean that this practice should be done.

Essentially, you are not allowed to do this with hacking techniques like installing malware or Keyloggers keystroke loggers.

On the other hand, we must also remember that it is allowed to spy on Facebook Messenger in these two situations:

  • To keep a check on the activities of your underage children on social networks, especially young children.
  • You can also get access to official and non-personal information about the device usage of your company employees.

In other words, other cases like hacking the Messenger of couples, siblings, relatives, friends and even random people is an invasion of privacy and can lead to problems.

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What else can mSpy do?

Way beyond allowing you to view someone else’s Facebook Messenger messages, mSpy can also:

  • It shows all the messages sent, received and deleted on your children’s Facebook.
  • It monitors many other applications and works as a spy for WhatsApp, Instagram and others.
  • Track your child’s location by GPS.
  • It shows your browsing history and saves everything you type, including passwords.
  • Support in Spanish 24 hours a day.

So if this meets your search needs, be sure to take advantage of the current discount:

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