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Software ClevGuard: Review and Prices (2021)

24 August, 2021

We tested the ClevGuard software. It is worth? Its functions? Works in all devices? Can watch the children activities on whatsapp? Find out.


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ClevGuard software: opinion and prices

ClevGuard is a popular company specializing in family informatic control and monitoring solutions online, it also has specialized software for companies.

software clevguard

In families, the most recommended profile for ClevGuard are children, due to their greater vulnerability, but bear in mind that these types of tools are also very useful to control elderly people or people with mobility problems.

In companies, worker control can make all the difference in improving productivity and maximizing resources.

Next, we will discuss all the features and tools of ClevGuard. Our take on them and a full price breakdown.

Official ClevGuard Website

ClevGuard monitoring tools

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is ClevGuard’s flagship tool.

Designed to monitor your loved ones, mainly focused on children. It allows you to take photos 24 hours a day to check if they are in perfect condition.

Through the app, it is possible to check different parameters in a real time, such as GPS geolocation, to make sure that you always know where the child is. Also, you can sync this tool with different devices.

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The app has a system to send messages to your child and have them respond to them. You can send him text messages or choose from photos, videos, music or voice messages.

As we will see throughout this review, KidsGuard Pro is available for Android and iOS.

Get KidsGuard Pro for Android

Get KidsGuard Pro para iOS


ClevGuard’s innovative MoniVisor tool is designed to monitor the use (or misuse) that workers make of their computers during the work day.

It allows you to control and monitor the main web pages and applications that tend to reduce the productivity of companies:

  • Emails.
  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp …).
  • Browsers

You will be able to control with total precision from the emails you have exchanged to the web pages you have visited during your time at work. All this in real time and from a simple and intuitive control panel.

Of course, it is important to note that in some countries you must have the approval of workers to be able to use it in the work environment, otherwise you can violate their right to privacy.

MoniVisor works only with the Windows operating system.

Get MoniVisor for Windows

Anti spy for Android – ClevGuard Android

With this new program developed by ClevGuard you will be able to prevent and eliminate any spy app that is installed on your mobile device.


This tool performs a complete scan and detects vulnerabilities and spyware that could compromise the data and privacy of your mobile phone. At the moment, it is only available for Android devices.

How does KidsGuard Pro work on Android?

ClevGuard divides the functionality of KidsGuard Pro in two:

  1. Phone control
  2. WhatsApp control

It divides it because the WhatsApp function is one of the most popular due to the great use that we usually make of this application in our day to day.

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Android phone monitoring

From the main control panel, you can check:

  • Latest calls and messages
  • location in real time
  • battery level
  • if you are online or if you have WiFi and GPS turned on
  • check your phone’s photos, videos, and contacts.

Although, the option that puts ClevGuard above the competition is keyboard registration.

You will have access to the searches that the user types in Google Chrome and in any other browser, and the possibility of recording calls or taking photos.

You can also track the location using GPS or through the Wi-Fi connections that the device has had.

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Finally, you can control the conversations that take place on a wide range of social networks like: Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, WeChat …

The price starts at $29.95 per month, but it is possible to significantly reduce it by contracting the annual plan.

WhatsApp control

Total control of WhatsApp, that is one of the most powerful functions of KidsGuard.

Without exception, everything that the person does within WhatsApp will be recorded in the application developed by ClevGuard.

You will have access to chats, calls, audios, statuses, photos, videos, screenshots and documents.

But you can also check how many times you have entered WhatsApp, and you can also know if you have increased the frequency and the time you have stayed in this application throughout the day.

Its price is $19.95 per month, going down to just over $7 by contracting the annual plan.

What are the functions of KidsGuard Pro on iOS devices?

The security of iOS devices is well known to everyone.

Breaking the limitations is possible with jailbreak, a process to root the operating system and have free access to advanced functions and free management of apps.

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But the jailbreak has risks, as it opens the door for you and potential attackers. And it also doesn’t allow you to take advantage of iOS updates.

This is not a problem for KidsGuard Pro as it does not require a jailbreak to take advantage of all its features on iOS.

KidsGuard Pro for iPhone

The control panel on the iPhone is similar to the one offered on Android devices.

View installed applications, call history, messages, voice notes …

You can also control the always sensitive social networks and track the location of the device. All this without being detected by the target user.

You can even check the files deleted from the device, all in real time and remotely.

The price of this tool starts at $39.95 per month.

KidsGuard Pro on iCloud

No jailbreak!

This ClevGuard tool is cheaper, but it also has more limitations:

  • You will have to access with the iCloud credentials of the iOS device that you want to monitor.
  • You will not be able to track social media chats.
  • Not only that, but you will not be able to check calls or messages.
  • Likewise, you will also not be able to access the data over Wi-Fi.

But it does allow you to track your iPhone’s location and access your contacts, photos, and videos, even deleted ones, within 30 days. Of course, you can also access all the data stored in iCloud Drive.

It is very useful for monitoring iPhone location in real time and for accessing files in iCloud.

The reduction in features is also reflected in the price. KidsGuard Pro on iCloud costs $29.95 per month, which is reduced to just over $8 per month when you buy the annual plan.

Get KidsGuard Pro iCloud Monitoring

What is MoniVisor?

Remotely and invisibly, MoniVisor allows you to monitor the activity of any computer. It’s useful in multiple cases, although it is specially designed for companies.

It works with a panel identical to that of the previous tools, allowing access to the activity that the employee has developed in the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Explorer), as well as their interaction through the messaging of the main ones in social media.

It also allows you to control the use of email on the main platforms (Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo), as well as a Keylogger to check the searches you have made on the internet or annotations that you have made in a notepad.

To put MoniVisor up and running, you need physical access to the target computer to install the program and start monitoring data.

Although, from there it is kept completely hidden so that the employee does not have any suspicions about its tracking.

MoniVisor was created to protect the privacy and security of companies, although again it should be remembered that in some countries this tool collides with current legislation.

At the moment, MoniVisor is only available for Windows operating systems.

Its price is $49.95 per month per PC, going down to just over $10 per month in the annual plan.

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ClevGuard Android Anti-Spy System Features

In addition to monitoring any device (with KidsGuard or MoniVisor), ClevGuard also does the opposite: protect against spy apps and other threats.

It does this by means of a complete scan to detect threats and eliminate them, but it also allows establishing real-time protection to safeguard the security of mobile phones.

This recently launched anti spy tool for Android promises to become a benchmark in the sector due to its simplicity, efficiency and ease of use.

In addition, it has a free version, with which you can perform a full scan and audit of potentially dangerous applications.

Of course, you will need the paid plan to eliminate any threat in a single click. This premium plan has an annual cost of $29.99 which entitles you to protect a mobile phone.

Here we leave you the link of the support service.

Download ClevGuard’s solutions from official website

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