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How to clone WhatsApp? -Android and iOS

21 February, 2022

Many people are looking for how to clone WhatsApp to recover conversations, be able to access from more than one device or have up to two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. We explain all this to you.

How to clone whatsapp?

How to clone Whatsapp?

The short answer to this answer is: Yes, it is possible to clone WhatsApp. However, it is important to note that the process will always involve the device and the consent of the person who owns the account.

The methods are very varied, and there are also dark ones, which actually seek to steal another person’s WhatsApp account. We will teach you how to prevent this last type at the end of this article.

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How to clone WhatsApp
There is no way to legally clone someone else’s WhatsApp without their permission.

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Is it illegal to clone someone else’s WhatsApp?

Yes, as we already explained in the article about programs to monitor employee PCs, there is a law that prohibits the invasion of digital privacy. In other words, from the moment the person with the cloned WhatsApp does not allow this to be done, it is a crime.

Subject to fines and imprisonment, this conduct is reprehensible. So please use these methods and any app to clone WhatsApp only for educational purposes, to control your accounts or with permission.

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How to clone whatsapp? Some tips

There are a few different methods to clone WhatsApp. Some are more practical, others involve a WhatsApp clone app, and you can choose to clone on your own device or on another.

Before moving on to the methods, it is worth noting that it is possible to create a clone of WhatsApp, with all the conversations in real time, just using WhatsApp Web on another device. It is not about spying on WhatsApp or anything like that.

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How to clone WhatsApp in Android? – Method I –

Android devices can have special tools, sometimes owned by the brand, that allow you to duplicate any application.

Depending on your device, the name of this Android tool may change:

  • Xiaomi: Dual Apps
  • Samsung: Dual Messenger
  • Oppo: Clone Apps
  • Vivo: App Clone
  • Asus: Twin Apps
  • Huawei / Honor: App Twin

In general, they can be found in the “Settings” section. Just tag WhatsApp and there will be 2 versions. With the cloned version of WhatsApp, it is possible to log in to another account and have access to both on the same device.

So as cloning WhatsApp might mean not having access to your own account until you log back in, it will be possible to have 2 WhatsApp on the same device.

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Apps to clone WhatsApp – Method II –

We know that it is possible to find many clandestine apps and APK files (in case you are looking for how to clone WhatsApp on Android), but none of them are safe. In fact, all the devices involved are put at risk.

The only solution to this is not free. It can be used to clone WhatsApp of underage children without them knowing. Therefore, parents can protect them from malicious people on the Internet. This solution is called mSpy:


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Of course, built into the small monthly fee are all of these features listed above and more. It’s worth it, if that’s your goal, as it’s the safest spy app out there today.

Click here and try mSpy.

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Parallel Space – Método III –

Another way to clone WhatsApp on your device so that you can have 2 accounts at the same time, yours or someone else’s, is with the use of Parallel Space.

It’s useful if your Android device doesn’t support two accounts, or you want to have even more accounts available.

To do this, first, download the app:

Parallel Space for Android

  1. After downloading, click “Start”.
  2. Devices including WhatsApp will be detected.
  3. After selecting WhatsApp, click “Add to Parallel Space”.
  4. Sign in with another WhatsApp account.

How to clone whatsapp on iPhone?

Apple devices with iOS system have higher security applied to their app store. Therefore, any app to clone WhatsApp on iPhone would be too risky or dangerous.

Fortunately, the already recommended mSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS, without jailbreak or root. With it, it is possible to clone WhatsApp on iOS.

Click here and try mSpy for iOS.

How to clone someone else’s WhatsApp without permission is still prohibited on any device, please be responsible for its use.

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How to clone WhatsApp from another phone by number?

If you have someone else’s permission to clone your WhatsApp, whatever the purpose, know that you will need their device. Be it Android or iOS, it is not possible to clone by number without stealing the account.

The exception is those who use spy apps like mSpy, which can connect through iCloud, without having to pick up the iPhone. This does not apply to Android.

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The cases that you probably already know about WhatsApp cloning by number have to do with theft. It is important not to confuse.

The person confirms a code for another person to access WhatsApp and then loses access to the account.

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How to prevent my WhatsApp from being cloned?

The first step is to never send a received confirmation code to anyone, and never leave your device unattended or untrusted. Therefore, your WhatsApp will not be cloned or stolen.

On the other hand, there are steps to further protect your WhatsApp, such as enabling two-step verification:

  1. Go to “Settings” from your WhatsApp menu.
  2. Enable “2-Step Verification”.
  3. Assign a six-digit password to your account that you will remember.

Another way to protect your WhatsApp is to use some app with password to protect your messaging app.

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My WhatsApp has been cloned, now what?

To deactivate your WhatsApp account, you will need to email support@whatsapp.com.

Put “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in the subject line and enter your phone number with +55 followed by the area code before the number.

Therefore, you will have 30 days to recover your account and not fall for the cloning scam again.


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