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StalkScan Features – How to use Stalkscan?

14 February, 2022

StalkScan was one of the best apps to research and analyze Facebook profiles. It featured a wide range of features to learn a lot of data about any Facebook profile you want without violating the privacy policies of the platform.

StalkScan Features

We invite you to continue with us to learn how StalkScan worked.

What is StalkScan?

StalkScan was a powerful tool for stalking Facebook profiles that, according to its website, allows its user to access all the information -Public- that, in principle, Facebook does not allow seeing about a person.

All this without breaking the security policies of the platform. In this way, before, it was possible to use this versatile application to search for any content you want within this social network.

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You could not only access a person’s profile, but also see the photos they’ve been tagged in, the posts they’ve ‘liked’, and much more.

Thanks to this, StalkScan allowed us to save a lot of time by avoiding the different difficulties that usually arise when searching for information about other people. Thus, you could find the data you want easily, quickly and simply.

Therefore, it did not violate any of their privacy policies, so its use was not illegal.

Therefore, the posts that people share privately (for example, by activating the “Only me” option), will not be visible.

How was StalkScan used?

The operation of StalkScan is not complicated at all. To perform searches using the app, you just needed the link of the Facebook profile you want to research.

In this way, it was only necessary for you to paste the link in the StalkScan search bar and press the “Enter” key to access all the functions and features of the tool.

Thus, the platform made available a series of options to know all the public content of the profile.

For example: Tags in photos, videos or posts, comments, friends, family, friends of friends, age, love status, reactions to posts, interests and much more.

how to use stalkscan

In this way, StalkScan was not only used to investigate other people’s Facebook profiles. You could also take advantage of its features to clean up your profile.

By using it, you could delete posts, comments or reactions that you have made in the past and that you no longer like.

Unfortunately, however, StalkScan has stopped working. Your website is no longer available.

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Stalkscan doesn’t work

If you notice that StalkScan is not working, you probably want to know about other options that will allow you to achieve results similar to those offered by this application.

That is why we present below some of the best alternatives for StalkScan. Although it is true that few programs offer services as efficient as this last one, they can be a good option if StalkScan doesn’t work.

Stalkscan Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to StalkScan, you should know that not all options on the market work as expected.

Among the most recommended options are:


DataSelfie can be used as a browser extension in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. By using it, it is possible to perform a deep reading of all the information that is stored on Facebook, either in your profile or in another person’s.

After the analysis, the application will use a series of algorithms and computer keys to specify what Facebook knows about you, or about the user you indicate

In the same way, it will let you know the different security factors that the platform has with respect to this data. Thanks to this, it is a very good alternative if you want to know how safe your information is within Facebook.

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Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is another one of the best alternatives for StalkScan. In contrast to the latter, it does not offer the possibility to view hidden Facebook content. Instead, it will allow you to protect your information within the platform.

In this way, you can use it to prevent people who use StalkScan from accessing the personal data that you have stored within the platform without your consent.

One of its most notable qualities is that it will be enabled at all times. It will not be necessary for you to carry out any procedure for it to manage your privacy, since it will be executed automatically as soon as you install it.

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